That Lourdes will not understand Pilar’s relationship with art is another major stress on the relationships

That Lourdes will not understand Pilar’s relationship with art is another major stress on the relationships

“Color is actually my own personal words, I wanted to inform your. Translations only mistake it, dilute they, instance conditions supposed regarding Foreign language to help you English. We envy my personal mother their unique Foreign-language curses possibly. They make my personal English failure into the a pile.” (pg. 59)

Felicia features a very personal, however unhealthy relationship with their own children

Pilar and you will Lourdes is actually certainly not close. Pilar keeps a journal, which she need certainly to cover up in the liner from their particular winter season coat. Pilar’s record will be considered an echo of one’s pseudo-diary one to Celia provides, in writing letters in order to their own previous lover. Pilar and you may Celia have become equivalent, and their similarities emerge much more about since the book goes toward. This could be one more reason as to the reasons Lourdes and Pilar are constantly butting thoughts. Lourdes’s relationship with Celia are challenging. Whenever Celia provided beginning to Lourdes, she’s quoted as handing the infant so you can Jorge and you can stating “I won’t think about their own identity” (pg 43). Lourdes understands that it story, plus a means demonstrates to you reasons why she clings so you’re able to her father and you can denies their particular mommy.

Eventually Lourdes finds out Pilar’s record and learns that their unique child has begun holding herself on the bath, a regular move to make during the adolescence. Whether or not Lourdes clearly features an issue with sex you to definitely her daughter knows, she berates their because of it, striking her and getting in touch with their a whore. Truth be told there appears to be a steady battle between Pilar and Lourdes; Lourdes problems are reduce Cuba, when you’re Pilar craves to go back which is believing that she’s going to see by herself when the this woman is reunited with her grandma there.

It passage not simply refers to Pilar’s connection with their unique art, but inaddition it refers to their particular tumultuous reference to their mom, Cuba, therefore the Language vocabulary

Pilar uses their particular decorate to speak with others, it’s within this average one she feels by far the most including herself, where she seems she will be able to be the ideal understood. Lourdes is actually uninterested in exactly what Pilar produces. She cannot see the conceptual characteristics from their unique paintings. A vicious loop is established, as the Pilar does not can keep in touch with their particular mother, and you may Lourdes does not know how to keep in touch with their particular daughter. A relationship ranging from a mother and child are usually knew as becoming certainly one of insights and you will mercy. It include impression safer, or a sense of that belong. Amazingly, Pilar does not be which which have Lourdes, and you will Lourdes doesn’t become so it that have Celia. This introduces yet another theme which is omnipresent when you look at the Thinking during the Cuban, the question out-of house and you can that belong.

In the long run, there is the character out-of Felicia, along with her three students: Ivantino, and her twins Luz and you may Milagro. She dotes into Ivanito, that’s separated regarding the twins. Luz and you may Milagro features recollections of its dad that Ivanito does perhaps not display. Getting Ivanito, his dad quit your and also the remaining family, yet he doesn’t understand why or how. Luz and Milagro think of their mommy setting your ablaze you to definitely day and you may exiling him from their house. Felicia might possibly be said to be one particular erratic of del Pino loved ones, suffering from exactly what seems to be manic depression. She’s extreme downs and ups; she has times as the a warm mom, handling their particular students. This can be overshadowed of the their unique moments regarding madness, and you will an occurrence in which she attempts to kill by herself and you will Ivanito.

When Ivanito is sent to school, he increases an interest in studying this new dialects, especially Russian, and just have a small amount of English. The guy increases a relationship together with his Russian teacher, and this just as the that along with his mommy, is seen as poor on eyes of their friends and you will their college or university. His professor was sooner or later delivered away, to own grounds you to are nevertheless unclear, but it is advised it stems from that have strange relationship together with pupils.

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