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Ask Tina: How do I meet an older woman for a no-strings attached relationship?

Ask Tina: How do I meet an older woman for a no-strings attached relationship?

I have been using Tinder and Bumble to meet older women but sadly I haven’t gotten a match yet. Could you advise how to succeed in it, please?

About me, I am respectful of people and have no judgements about those who do get involved in such relationships as most people need some physical intimacy from time to time

I have always considered Tinder to be for younger people (so not people in their 50’s) and Bumble seems to be a favourite of the non-Irish according to a couple of my daughter’s male friends who are in their early 30’s and love to date Brazilians and continentals who they meet on Bumble. not so many hang ups apparently.

Funnily enough, you are the fourth guy who has mailed me recently looking to hook up with a Cougar…so ladies…like the Phoenix out of the ashes, looks like our time is finally here!

It has come up in conversations over brunch with several older lady friends who have shown an interest… well… more than interest in younger men as they pass by…not predatory…simply admiring…sort of merely window shopping.

Now before your readers start clutching their throats in horror, I’m talking about an age difference of maybe 10, 20 years or even older, not children…consenting adults. This guy is 29 looking for ladies in their 50’s so 20+ years older than himself. As I’ve said before, if it was an older man with a much younger woman, no-one would blink an eye and in fact, would congratulate him on being able to pull a younger model. Continue reading