Seeking Arrangement Review: Does It Really Work?

Seeking Arrangement Review: Does It Really Work?

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Seeking is a high-end, elite dating service that was founded in 2006. Seeking provides opportunities for you to match with potential partners and make genuine connections, whether you’re casually dating or looking for something more serious.

While the site’s approach is conventional enough to feel like other online dating sites, Seeking has a few unique features that set it apart from the rest of the crowd. For example, you can use the advanced search settings to find compatible matches, send messages and chat with other users directly on the platform, get a voluntary background check, and set up two-factor authentication for extra security.

It is a niche dating site where attractive singles can find mutually beneficial relationships. If this type of relationship interests you, we recommend that you read this comprehensive Seeking Arrangement Review.

We will cover how Seeking works and how to set up an account, what features the site offers, how much premium memberships cost, and much more.

What Is Seeking Arrangement ?

Seeking (formerly known as Seeking Arrangement) is a popular online dating platform where users can create a dating profile of themselves (with a bio and pictures) and scroll through potential suitors until they find a match. Check what the expert Luzy Amor, from Date Flutter says:

Despite many new additions to the online dating landscape, Seeking continues to be one of the most popular sites with over 40 million members across 130 countries looking to elevate their dating experience.

Seeking is not like traditional dating sites where you are matched with other users simply by how close you are to other singles in the area. Instead, the site focuses on luxury dating and finding relationships that fit your lifestyle.

Seeking Arrangement is an online dating site for successful and attractive singles who know what they want. This luxury dating site has plenty of individuals who want to date people that match their energy.

Seeking members are sophisticated people who want to date other attractive and successful singles in a way that goes beyond typical dating traditions and social trends. With an easy-to-use dating app, an advanced search tool to look through other members’ profiles, and features to upload photos, send messages, and join dates, Seeking helps members develop deep connections and share memorable dating experiences together.

What Features Does Seeking Have?

Seeking has revamped its system since the platform was founded in 2006. The revamped site has some amazing new features, many of which require a premium subscription to access.

1. Advanced Search Filters

The advanced search filter is a feature on Seeking that helps you curate the members you see on the platform. The filters can help you narrow down who you’re interested in connecting with.

You can sort results based on a variety of factors, such as gender, age, personality traits, distance/location, and so on. Once you’ve indicated those initial preferences, you will have the option to change them at any time.

2. Private Photo Albums

Seeking allows you to upload both public photos (everyone on the site can see these ones) and private photos (only select users can see these) to your profile.

The goal of uploading photos, private or otherwise, is to give other members an honest preview of what you look like.

3. Background Verification

Virtually none of the major dating sites perform background checks, but Seeking does. The dating background check helps to verify your identity and ensure member safety. Seeking uses TC LogiQ to perform background checks on members. This extensive background verification process will check for criminal records and other references on the individual.

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