Jethro tells Grandma about pc relationship in the Roto Romance, however, Grandma are up against they

Jethro tells Grandma about pc relationship in the Roto Romance, however, Grandma are up against they

Granny declares with the family relations you to definitely she’s attending retire from her physician’s behavior and you can says to Elly and you can Jethro she needs included in this when planning on taking more than. Jed says to it in order to Jane and you will Drysdale, along with discussing how she wishes their particular money for taking back once again to the brand new mountains. Drysdale intends to score Granny to stay, therefore he gets Dr. Clyburn to check out the fresh new mansion. Just after Grandmother reveals as to the reasons she actually is very time for the latest Mountains, to cure just what she phone calls “Granny’s complaint,” Clyburn check outs the fresh new residence getting medical advice. Aired: Encourage Me personally

Ep 19: The brand new Clampett Curse

Granny is getting sick of this new clan’s sixty-7 million cash. When about three troubled university girls go to the Clampetts asking for an effective contribution to assist them to out, Jed serves up a look for their whole fortune. The latest Clampetts are apartment bankrupt, and they’ve got never been pleased, in the event Drysdale became within the a good damage. It finish off so you can return toward mountains, but-end up running out of energy. Aired: Encourage Myself

Ep 20: The Indians Are on their way

When she hears Local Us americans are visiting Beverly Mountains, Grandmother is concerned from the a keen Indian attack on their belongings. Drysdale, in addition, is worried regarding the dropping the Clampett home. But not, both Indigenous People in america exactly who go to, Master Running Wolf along with his child, Little Fox, visited chat and you will see which have Jed and you may Jethro. Aired: Encourage Me

Ep 21: The marriage Host

Grandma starts seeking a sweetheart having Jed, and this Jed is actually up against. However when their unique potion does not work, Grandma checks they. Jethro checks the area away, also, attracting new assistant after she finds out from their chance. Grandma goes indeed there to set up a document credit getting Jed, but when Linda, the fresh new secretary, comes out, Grandma actually happy. Aired: Encourage Me personally

Ep 22: Elly Is released

Elly reveals Granny an article in the an old college or university mate taking engaged once which have a coming out group. Granny tells Jed regarding it, plus the clan chooses to give Elly Will get a developing group. Drysdale is not delighted regarding reading that it, especially the spare-no-costs area and you can watching this new Clampetts’ country design. Drysdale decides to get someone to advice about work thus the Clampetts usually do not embarrass on their own, delivering his partner so you can often all of them. Aired: Encourage Me personally

Ep 23: The latest Matador

Jethro wants a career to generate income and stops by the movie business searching for functions. The guy observes El Magnifico, a bullfighter, just who gets flocked because of the girls and you may renders millions, and you will Jethro identifies you to definitely bullfighting is really what he wants to carry out. Your family isn’t too happier, however, Jed chooses to get good bull to own Jethro, figuring he will give up assaulting new bull to barbeque it rather. Jethro gets the bull, but does not have any chance assaulting it, and you will Elly starts to make a pet out of it, naming they Marvin. Aired: Encourage Myself

Ep 24: This new Gypsy’s Caution

Mrs. Drysdale hires a couple of gypsies, Narda and you can Yerko, in order to frighten the fresh new Clampetts away. Granny was scared your gypsies will attempt so you’re able to deal Jethro away. Nevertheless the gypsies has actually an alternative bundle, once they pay attention to how much cash the newest Clampetts has. It try to secret the cute Tver girls latest Clampetts to obtain some of its fortune, together with receives a commission from the Drysdales. Aired: Encourage Me personally

Ep 25: His Regal Highness

Mrs. Drysdale encourages a master to stay into the Drysdales, paying the Clampetts to keep away. Drysdale intentions to lay King Alexander with Elly Could possibly get and you will tells Jed the fresh new Queen is actually seeing them. Yet not, no one understands that the fresh King is basically bankrupt and working while the a servant. Drysdale sets Elly May up with His Majesty, but Mrs. Drysdale, that would not realize about the put up off Elly and Alexander, expectations to set up their unique relative, Doreen, on Queen. Aired: Prompt Me

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