Inside was an image of Potter’s previous spouse in addition to their son who was a witness when you look at the Potter’s earliest larger instance

Inside was an image of Potter’s previous spouse in addition to their son who was a witness when you look at the Potter’s earliest larger instance

Potter and you can Linares learn that Adelita possess effectively already been delivered shortly after the newest convoy carrying their unique are hijacked. He has got so much more concerns than simply solutions however due to the fact agents carrying Adelita had been inactive and she was only position during the world, the cars that attacker brand new communicate have been found burnt with no trace out of who was at the rear of new physical violence.

Potter attempts to telephone call Hobart. Behind everybody’s straight back he tried to features Alvarez kidnapped to possess guidance towards Adelita event, hearing zero information, Potter concerns the terrible. The guy draws details about Felipe Reyes, the father out of EZ and Angel and you will desires use them because the power.

“Hunahpu” [ ]

Potter and you may Linares join up on reading information that Adelita has ultimately offered birth. Potter desires to see just who the daddy are and you will says to Linares to maneuver Adelita into the interrogation wing. He then receives an answer throughout the Reyes brothers, guaranteeing its satisfy.

Potter goes toward meet up with the brothers, he enquires on which was within the envelope EZ are clutching, Angel says to your that it keeps their “dirty absolutely nothing treasures” in to the. He reveals the envelope and is horrified from the it is content. EZ demonstrates to you they will problem every piece of information and you can wreck Potter’s community. He lunges during the Angel when he renders risks commit and you may comprehend the woman however, he or she is effortlessly held back by EZ. Potter requires an extra so you can compose themselves and asks his agencies to face down. He asks the pair what they want because of their quiet and you can EZ says to drop the truth up against Felipe and come up with both your in addition to their later mommy, Marisol Reyes Americans. They give Potter 1 day otherwise he’s complete.

Potter is on the telephone, trying to complete his end of your own offer the guy struck having this new brothers. Linares will come with DNA outcomes for Adelita’s child, the outcome confirm that Angel ‘s the dad of the child. Potter requests the infant is completely removed. The guy and gets Angel an ominous label you to nights, revealing he understands brand new little one’s paternity – and you may, in the event that Potter have people state from the count, Angel’s son can’t ever understand who their dad is.

“Section the final, Nothing A great deal more to write” [ ]

Potter helps make his come back to send a last crushing blow so you can Miguel. Miguel get a call off Potter. Potter alerts your that Palmono is dead, murdered from the Los Olvidados plus the Galindo Cartel appears in control due on the affiliation into rebels. Miguel’s assets in the united states and you may Mexico have been captured and government representatives will be at their home within 45 times. Miguel needs to understand why Potter try telling him every one of that it in which he just says one perhaps he isn’t willing to retire yet.

Potter output to help you their family in which their girlfriend, Sofia and you can young man are. After leaving the federal government he apparently gone back to his friends. Sofia sends him over to pick some dinner, he storage around and you may output once more, simply to find that his nearest and dearest is actually nowhere to be found. Adelita shows by herself, stating that Potter’s family unit members hasn’t been injured and she would never enable it to be their son to view his dad pass away like she got to help you. Potter becomes confused given that Adelita informs Potter you to definitely she slain their unique young man. Potter assures their one their unique young man is alive and figures she need to have verbal to Linares very first. Adelita, remembering Linares’ terms doesn’t want to think Potter exactly what he says is reasonable. Their young buck was the only power Potter got over their own, why should he eliminate him. Potter transforms it straight back on her behalf stating that if he becomes deceased, she’ll never find their son.

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