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Phone Conversation

Empower your sales team and drastically improve conversions by implementing this groundbreaking AI platform that finally paints a holistic picture of your sales team's performance. The consistent insights allow you to relay critical improvements to your staff so you can bridge the gap between missed opportunities and dramatically amplify sales.

Phone Conversation Facts

It is statistically proven that in America, a majority of companies choose to use generic statistics when attempting to improve their sales conversion rates. While utilizing factually accurate data has the highest success rate among teams.

Buyers that search online convert over the phone Source: Ruler Analytics
Buyers don't understand the value of the offering Source: Statista
Lead conversion increase when you call the lead with in the first 60 Seconds Source: Mit Study

“Moving as simple as the click of button”

“Changing the way amerucans buy and sell”


““Fair offer price within minutes””

“Moving as simple as the click of button”

“Moving as simple as the click of button”


We comprehend the real estate market and know the challenges and opportunities that your team faces on a daily basis. HouZoo uses innovative AI to improve the bulk of your sales conversations to increase lead conversions, simplify scheduling, and improve outreach.


Our convenient AI platform enables leaders to have more control of their sales team by giving them an accessible way to monitor and provide constructive feedback, thereby improving the sales process and morale.


Through HouZoo, you can now house all your leads in one place so nothing falls through the cracks. Available on desktop and mobile, your sales team will always be able to respond to hot leads easily without interruption.


We have a passion for empowering motivated real estate pioneers who want to scale their businesses to help their communities thrive. Through our game-changing AI technology, we help clients boost conversions as high as 9% and expect that to grow!



As soon as your onboard with us, you can start putting our powerful technology to work.

Our customer service is always here for you and will answer any questions you may have once you start engaging with the program.

Access your HouZoo account on your mobile device for convenience and flexibility.

Monitor your conversions in real-time and keep up to speed on how your sales staff is performing.

1 m +
6 s
Average Lead
9 %
Minimum Lead
Conversion Rate
98 %
Voice to text

Our Proprietary

In one word: exclusivity. This is a novel product exclusive to the real estate industry, which puts you at a great advantage. So many brokerages and real estate companies struggle to effectively coordinate all the moving parts that go into a successful business model. With HouZoo, you can take control of your processes and see impressive growth immediately.

Sales Team Accountability

HouZoo not only automates your sales process but goes a step further by giving you a snapshot of your team’s performance so you can provide critical feedback. This is typically an arduous process that gets overlooked and stagnates growing potential.

Improved Sales

With HouZoo, you can automate your leads and scheduling while the AI does the dirty work of monitoring your sales team’s efforts. You can review top performers and extract their winning strategies to educate other members of your team on how they can improve their tactics.

Powerful Communication

Never miss a chance to make meaningful contact with your potential customers through HouZoo communication algorithms. Nurture prospects with our mighty AI to bring the power of data analysis to your business.


“The integration of this tool with our CRM software has made it incredibly easy for us to track and manage our customer interactions. It's a game-changer for our sales team.”

Ahmad Rasheed

Founder of JD Funnel

“The analytics and reporting features of this tool have provided valuable insights into our sales performance. We've been able to use the data to make data-driven decisions and improve our sales process.”

Junaid Khan

Founder of Pakistan Cables

“Since using this call recording and transcription tool, our sales reps have seen a significant improvement in their phone skills. The tool has helped them identify areas for improvement and make positive changes to their sales process.”

Muhammad Mubashir

Co-Founder of Funnels Kingdom


Our clients reap the benefits of HouZoo’s cutting-edge AI technology every day. They rely on our platform to stay connected to their customers, improve sales performance, and analyze opportunities for further growth.