Matrimony deals do usually suggest the timeframe in the and therefore amarriage must took place

Matrimony deals do usually suggest the timeframe in the and therefore amarriage must took place

step 1. But really, into the family history, each of us knowthat for each and every rule there can be a difference. Good vexing area ofgenealogy is that no one very understands just how to make use of the newest conditions orrules having any decisive adjective including always, perhaps, probably,almost certainly, etc. It will be interesting in the event the there most other instances ofjointures getting produced per year otherwise a few just after a known marriage big date.

2. Could there be an enthusiastic extant dispensation for the marriage off ElizabethClifford and you can Sir Ralph Bowes have been 3rd cousins via Henry Fitzhugh,third Lord Fitzhugh or last cousins, immediately following taken off the latest fifth LordClifford? Who narrow down the relationships go out.


Allegedly, in the event the a dispensation are desired and you may offered, it can havebeen by the among after the, and will can be found in the fresh correspondingregister publication, in the event it endures:

Thomas Savage, Archbishop off York 1501-1507Christopher Bainbridge, Bishop off Durham 1507-1508, Archbishop regarding York1508-1514William Senhouse, Bishop regarding Durham 1502-1505Thomas Ruthall, Bishop out-of Durham 1509-1523Richard Leyburn, Bishop off Carlisle 1502-1508John Penny, Bishop regarding Carlisle 1509-1520

5. In the event your 10th Lord Clifford does wed at the beginning of 1487 [state January] andhas E later for the reason that season, does this new chronology perhaps not functions?

John palms?

E created within the later 1487, Henry created inside 1488/9, Joan in the ,etc. filling in the new labels of one’s post off . When the (a) thechronology nonetheless works; and (b) her wedding section wasn’t lower; thenwe only have the new 1505 pedigree of Henry VII’s that’s into the oppositionto the fresh conjecture you to she is a valid child.

6. Regarding your 1505 pedigree: May be the Clifford daughters the onlyknown Henry VII relations excluded? Were there anyone else? In this case,won’t one mirror defectively about file because a resource?

Off contrasting You will find made of this new c.1505 Henry VII Affairs pedigreeswith the fresh new 1480-1500 Visitation of the North pedigrees, that are

From the c.1505 Connections pedigrees, the latest Clifford children are perhaps not listedin a great Clifford pedigree, but rather regarding the St. John pedigree. As I’mnot always the newest St. John friends, following ‘s the recommendations asit looks regarding the c.1505 pedigree, because taken from the latest 1834 Coll. Top. etGen. article. Brand new phrasing into the quotations is precisely because it looks inthe 1834 post (pp. 310-311).

“Zero. XII.”Off my Lord Welles daughter, Sir Richard Rod, Mistress Verney, SirJohn St. John, together with other.”f.288, 296, 317, 318.”Margaret Duchess from Somerset had three husbands.” By the “John Duke ofSomerset” she got “My Woman the fresh new King’s Mother.” who had “The new Queen.” whohad “Prince “By “Sir Oliver Saint John, earliest spouse.” she got step 3 daus & dos sons:

An excellent. “Edith, married in order to Geoffrey Pole out-of Buckinghamshire.” They’d:A1. “Sir Richard Rod, Knt. married towards Lady Margaret, dau. out of theDuke away from Clarence.” They had: “Harry. “A2. “Alianor, married to Ralph Verney, Esq.” They had: “John Verney.—– [child, unnamed]. ——-[a separate child, unnamed].”

B. “John Ssint John, esq.” He had five students:B1. “Sir John Saint John, Knight.” that has “Five daughters and you will oneson.”B2. “Anne, wedd. to help you Harry Lord Clifford.” They’d “Jane. Mabill.Henry, child and you will heir Г¶ver pГҐ denna webbplats. Anne. Thomas. Alianor.”B3. “Elizabeth, married so you can Thomas Kent, Esq. away from Lincolnshire.”B4. “An effective Nun out of Shaftesbury.”B5. “Oliver Saint John.”

C. “Dame Mary, wedded to Sir Richard Frognall.” They’d:C1. “Edmond Frognall and his awesome brethren and you can sistren.” Having issueindicated, however named.C2. “E, married to Sir William Gascoigne, Knt.”

D. “E, wedded first towards Lord Zouche; after toward LordScrope out-of Bolton.” Issue:D1. [by Zouche] ” Catesby.” They had:”E. George. John. William.”D2. [of the Scrope] ” Conyers.” With issueindicated yet not called.

Margaret Duchess from Somerset, because of the “Lionel Lord Welles, last husband.”had: “John Viscount Welles, wedded Cecily, dau. out-of K. Edward IV.” andthey got “E.”

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